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Our three available blends of peanut butter are raw, medium or dark. All styles are blended creamy with only farm fresh peanuts from Dalat with a dash of Himalayan salt.               

Our philosophy on making peanut butter comes directly from Lewis Black and motivated by the fact we couldn’t find peanut butter for sale in Vietnam that had just peanuts and no added sugars.

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Liquid soaps

Inspired by the great Dr. Bronner’s and being unable to purchase the real deal in Vietnam, we created a classic lavender castile soap from all natural olive oil and expanded to moisturizing shea butter/bees wax coconut body wash to name a few all natural skin care products.


We have a proprietary blend of all natural oils and waxes that makes up our line of all natural scented candles. Lavender, Cinnamon, Rose, Jasmine Lemongrass and a limited series coffee candle in a partnership with Langbiang Coffee Co.

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“Thank you for choosing Dalat Naturals. Each order takes love, time, and effort in procuring the all natural, quality ingredients. When you order from a small, family business that cares, it isn’t about maximizing profit and cutting corners, it is about sharing a passion by putting people first in a mutual survival of our bodies and well being. Fight mediocrity, mass consumption and be good to yourself.”

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